Plymouth Fancy Pigeon Club

"The Friendly Club"



The Plymouth Fancy Pigeon Club started life before the Second World War, when it was known as the Plymouth Fur and Feather Society. In those days it catered for rabbits, ducks chickens as well as Pigeons. At the age of eight Les Dawson our founder member and past Chairman and President was a junior member until the outbreak of the war.


The same club was restarted after the war for pigeons only, Trevor Coslett, Arthur and Valerie Meek looking after the Fancy breeds and Les Dawson the Show Racers. Due to a shortage of workers and the death of Trevor Coslett the club went in demise for four seasons.


A few dedicated fanciers decided to try again, Alf Beer and Burt Lovell were secretaries for a period and in 1981 Les and Emily Dawson took over, to become what is now known as The Plymouth Fancy Pigeon Club.


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In 2002 after 21 years of running the club Les and Emily retired as club Chairman and Secretary and Chris Cleave took over as Chairman and Les and Emily's daughter Pam Brewer as the secretary and treasurer.

In the same year the club got its own web site run by Michael Whelan with the club history show reports and pictures, in 2006 Michael built a new site and the club got its own domain name.


Sadly Les died on the 25th October 2005 and his wife Emily took over as President of the club until her death in 2009


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In January 2009 Marie Baker took over as the secretary and treasurer of the club.


The club holds two shows a year, a summer show in June usually the 3rd weekend, and a winter show in October, usually the last  weekend. The shows are held at the Weston Mill Oak Villa Social Club in Plymouth PL2 2EL.


Competition is strong in both the Flying and Fancy breeds. And as you would expect in the West Country competition is high in the West of England Flying Tumblers, with a strong entry from some of the top breeders.


The shows at Plymouth have come to be known as the "Friendly Show" This can be attributed to the warm welcome and hospitality received by everyone, the friendly spirit in competition and Emily Dawsons home made cake!


The Plymouth Fancy Pigeon Club holds regular meetings at the Weston Mill Oak Villa Social Club, and new members are always welcome to attend, please e mail me for dates and timings.

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Yours in sport, Michael




  SATURDAY 20th  JUNE 2009 


  SUNDAY 25th  OCTOBER 2009




If you find a lost racing pigeon refer to the stray pigeon heading on the navigation bar above.



Our Founder member Mr Les Dawson, forever remembered.



In 1620 the Pilgrims set sail from Plymouth's West Pier aboard the Mayflower for the New World.
Francis Drake played his famous game of bowls on The Hoe before joining battle with the Spanish Armada.
Due to the prominence of its shipbuilding and military bases Plymouth was a prime target in World War II.
Plymouth is twinned with cities around the world including Brest in France and San Sebastian in Spain.
With a population of nearly 250,000, Plymouth is the largest city on the South Coast and the 14th largest city in the UK.
Sammy  the Seagull admiring the view (as a young bird!) of Plymouth Hoe
Sammy (a bit older) doing a spot of fishing



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